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The All-Choice High School Experience

The IPS All-Choice High School Experience will strategically focus on College and Career Options that are geared toward preparing students for productive and successful lives.

IPS high schools have been "reinvented" by housing new and existing college and career options. Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, IPS high school students will enroll in a school based on the choice of an academic program that reflects their aspirations for the future as opposed to being assigned a school based on their residence. Students may enroll in any of the eight above named high schools by visiting the Enroll Indy website.

Transportation will be provided from throughout the district to all four "reinvented" IPS high schools- Arsenal Tech, Crispus Attucks, George Washington and Shortridge. Also, each of these schools will have a new Future Center designed to provide students with additional supports such as mentoring, interview training, college admission advice, tutoring and other needed assistance. 

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Choosing the Right Path

New college and career options include core classes in English, math, science and social studies as well as allowing students to focus on an area of study specifically based on what they want to become professionally. This also includes elective career courses aligned to industry demand; career-themed projects in academic classes; continuum or experiential work-based learning and opportunities for students to earn credentials such as college credit, industry certifications, and employable skills certificate.

Existing college and career choice programs include a continuation of several successful high school magnet programs that also include core classes in English, math, science and social studies as well as preparing students for college and the world of work by providing a variety of special learning opportunities.

In addition, IPS Innovation Network High Schools including Herron, Riverside, Purdue Polytechnic and Thrival as well as Evening High School will be available to IPS students.

This new IPS All-Choice High School Experience has the goal of ensuring that every IPS graduate is successfully Enrolled in college or career training, Enlisted in the military, or Employed at a livable wage. Provided below is a summary of the many programs referred to above. For full program descriptions please reference our academic options page.

New College and Career Options

Careers related to processing materials into products, and the movement of people, goods, and materials by air, rail, and water. Available specilizations include advanced manufacturing, logistics and Engineering. This academy will be housed at George Washington High School

Careers for those who plan, organize, lead, and evaluate functions for running a business. Available specilizations include banking & finance, marketing, business operations and entrepreneurship. This academy will be housed at George Washington High School.

Careers for those who design, plan, manage, build and maintain structures. Specilizations include architecture & design, construction trades and engineering. There are also mechanical, electrical and plumbing specilizations available. This academy will be housed at Arsenal Technical High School.

Careers for those who provide and manage therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health information, support services and biotechnology research. Available specilizations include banking & finance, marketing, business operations and entrepreneurship. This academy will be housed at Crispus Attucks High School.

Careers related to the design, development and support and management of software, hardware, multimedia, and systems integration services. Available specilizations include software development, informatics, and IT support. This academy will be housed at George Washington High School.

Careers related to all aspects of education, training, and learning-support services. Available specilizations include teaching professions and early childhood education. This academy will be housed at Crispus Attucks High School.

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Existing College and Career Options

The IPS Career & Technology Center (CTC) prepares students for the world of work and post-secondary education. With on-the-job training opportunities and trade experiance in careers such as auto technician, graphic artist, nurse, firefighter and pastry chef, CTC provides exceptional academic and career opportunities through thirteen different career pathway opportunities. This program will be housed at IPS Career Technology Center.

The International Baccalaureate program offers scholars the challenging college preparatory International Baccalaureate program, recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities. The IB curriculum encourages the development of effective communication and critical thinking, aligns values to develop moral and ethical individuals, and provides opportunities to apply these skills through meaningful community service. The program also aims to develop internationally minded individuals who recognize universal human commonalities and through shared understanding aim to create a better world. This program will be housed at Shortridge High School.

The Law and Public Policy program provides students with the opportunity to explore the legal profession in depth. The program offers students the opportunity to get a true sense of the legal profession by providing them with real court experiences, learning opportunities from law professors and other legal professionals, and introducing them to the field of law enforcement. Also participate in mock trial, student court, and work with local law firms. This program will be housed at Arsenal Technical High School.

The Math & Science program includes Math/Science, Pre-Engineering and Informational Technology courses of study which offer accelerated and enriched courses in the areas of mathematics, science, technology, communication, and research. Students receive intensive instruction in advanced math and science, including sessions with university and research personnel. This program will be housed at Arsenal Technical High School.

New Tech provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the 21st century. This program focuses on citizenship, work ethic, presentation skill, critical thinking, and collaboration. Within the New Tech program, students acquire these skills through integrated group projects. New Tech teachers strive to develop students into the analyzers, evaluators, and creators who will be successful in the global economy. As seniors, students have the opportunity to enroll in college level courses if their high school course requirements are complete. This program will be housed at Arsenal Technical High School.

Our mission is to inspire excellence in education in a culturally diverse environment through developing creativity in the arts. The traditional academic curriculum is integrated with arts education. The Arts provide experiential learning, develop imagination and creative thinking, enhance problem solving skills, and enables students to improve the quality of their lives by helping them understand, appreciate, and create an environment that is functional as well as beautiful. Students gain meaningful connections across core curriculum, while learning and understanding is deepened by the varied learning styles within the arts. An audition may be required by the school for this program. This program will be housed at Shortridge High School.

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Additional College and Career Options

Herron High School and Riverside IPS Innovation Network High Schools offer a classical liberal arts education in a rigorous academic setting and integrates knowledge, inspires character and values community service through comprehensive advanced placement, visual and performing arts experiences, an academic honors curriculum and community internships.

Purdue Polytechnic High School offers individualized, project-based STEM focused pathways for student success and future opportunities at Purdue University.

Thrival High School offers a study abroad program of blended learning strategies with cultural immersion and is located in an Arsenal Tech High School building.

Evening High School offers smaller class sizes, individualized instruction and learning experiences that cater to students who need a flexible schedule, but the rigor of exemplary instruction. Programming also includes virtual classes, dual-college credits, advanced placement and an honors curriculum. Designed for accelerated learners, parenting students and working students who will graduate with an IPS diploma. This program will be available at Arlington Middle School.

Future Centers

IPS Future Centers are designed to help students take the steps needed to successfully transition to Enrollment, Enlistment or Employment upon graduation. Based on successful models in other school districts throughout the U.S., these centers will be located within each high school and provide supportive services to students in the areas of college and career-readiness skill building, social/emotional support, and technical and material assistance.

Featuring the latest technology, strong support from collegiate and corporate partners, and knowledgeable & friendly staff, these centers and resources will be available to IPS students throughout their high school experience and their journey through college or early years in the workforce.


Individualized or group mentoring sessions offer students support during their high school years and can help them overcome any social and emotional hurdles they encounter.

Interview Training

Mock interviews, through one-on-one or group training, help students prepare for upcoming job or college/military interviews by perfecting skills and providing valuable feedback.

College Admin. Support

Staff provides assistance in understanding and completing financial-aid forms and scholarship applications, and researching additional ways to make college affordable and attainable.


Whether students are preparing for college essays, the ACT or SAT, or just need additional support, tutoring in math and writing are provided to foster greater understanding and mastery of core curriculum.

Reinventing Our Services

In addition to offering new and existing College and Career Options, IPS will continue to ensure all school services are of the highest quality.

Athletic programming for boys and girls — including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, golf, swimming, soccer, softball, track, tennis, volleyball — will continue at all four high schools under the New IPS High School Experience. Athletics will become more robust and competitive.

In addition to creating equitable opportunities for English Learners (ELs) to participate in their educational experience and the community, IPS will also provide trips for EL students to local universities, and offer after-school clubs, college- and career-readiness planning, and parent and student workshops.

IPS will maintain all Special Education services at the remaining high schools. Students will have opportunities to engage in College- and Career-Themed Academies and can receive additional support and accommodations per ability level. School staff will guide parents and students through Individual Education Plan (IEP) team meetings to determine the best ¬fit for each student. Special Education staff will also spend more time at individual high schools.

IPS will improve daily service to and from school, reduce students’ time on the bus, and better serve our high-mobility students to ensure no impact to any student’s education. The high school all-Choice model will reduce the impacts of student mobility at the high school level, as all students will be transported to the school of their choice.

IPS will acquire additional staffing resources to provide more coverage of our buildings, and implement successful programs (such as the Peace Learning Center) to help students learn to work together. Safety also will improve as empty wings of underutilized high schools are filled.

IPS will acquire additional staffing resources to provide more coverage of our buildings, and implement successful programs (such as the Peace Learning Center) to help students learn to work together. Safety also will improve as empty wings of underutilized high schools are filled.

Transition Team & Advisory Councils

IPS cherishes our rich history and understands the link this history plays in the community and the effect it has on our alumni's identity. To ensure nothing gets lost in this transition, IPS will assemble three committees from members of the community. These will be a Student, Parent and Community & Legacy Preservation Advisory.

The transition team will be several specialized groups of district and school officials who will assist schools, staff and students to seamlessly migrate IPS through the high school consolidation process and new all-choice model. 

Teams and Committes will be comprised of the following individuals:

Deputy Superintendent for Academics, Chief Strategist, IPS Police, District Athletic Director, Parent Involvement Coordinator, Special Education Officer, English as a Second Language (ESL) Coordinator, Student Services Officer, and Student Services Director

Principal, Athletic Director, Parent Involvement Educator, representatives from Special Education, ESL and Counseling Departments, School Social Worker, students and parents

Building level Teacher of the Year winners and Superintendent’s Advisory Council members 

Student representatives from each school’s Transition Team and Superintendent's Student Advisory Council members 

Parent representatives from each school’s Transition Team

Women in class

We welcome all insight and feedback from our community members. To share your thoughts with us, please email us at

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